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Selected articles from Tall Talk
(Old articles on the website may mention various chemicals, such as Vantage.  At the time the article was written, Vantage was a chemical used for grass control, which could be sprayed over the irises without damage.  A new owner kept the same name and attached it to a general herbicide which cannot be sprayed over irises without causing damage or death.  "Chemical Brand Names contained in these articles may not be current!  Be sure to read and follow label instructions on all chemicals prior to use.")
Improving Your Garden Soil by Wilbur Bluhm - March, 2002
What Irises Have Done to Me by Vincent Christopherson - Fall 2004
Eye of the Beholder by Pat Otterness -  Fall 2005

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"The March issue of Tall Talk: impressive, interesting and readable.  Thanks."  E.H., Arkansas

"What an incredibly interesting and helpful publication."  P.G., Kansas

"I just love TBIS.  It's the greatest society I've ever belonged to."  N.C., South Carolina

"Tall Talk is quality talk.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every issue.  Especially interesting were the two articles about Cooley's and Schreiner's." B.J., Idho

"I have been delighted with all the issues of Tall Talk and look forward to future issues." G.K., Texas

"I'm writing to compliment you on...Tall Talk. The articles were interesting, informative, and worthwhile. It was a very pleasant surprise...I did not expect a publication of such merit." B.E., Oregon
"I really enjoy Tall Talk. So much tall bearded information, more than we ever get... keep up the good work. I sure look forward to each issue." W.C., Oklahoma